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Which Sports Drinks are Right for You?

If you are gearing up for a workout, which kind of sports drinks do you need? That would have been a silly question only a few years ago, when your range of choices was pretty much limited to Gatorade or Powerade, but today there are a ton of alternatives.  There’s no universally “best” sports drink; which one is right for you is more a question of what you need when you exercise...

The Beneficial Effects of Cherry Juice on Muscle Recovery

If you were to make a list of the tastiest and most popular fruit juices, cherry juice would probably not be at the top. Despite that, it’s been making headlines as an essential workout supplement for its capability to boost muscle recovery. Since muscle damage and soreness during exercise seem to be precipitated by inflammation and oxidative damage, cherry juice (a potent source of antioxid...

The Best Songs to Workout to for Boosting Performance

You can’t go 30 seconds at the gym without bumping into someone wearing headphones or earbuds.  For most people, the workout music they listen to is a distraction—just something to get them through the workout.  But did you know that exercise physiology research suggests that listening to the right kind of workout music can boost your performance, allowing you to run harder or cycle faster? ...

When should you consume Sports Drinks with Electrolytes during Exercise?

Not too long ago, sports drinks were tucked away in the “New Age Beverages” aisle at the grocery store and marketed mostly to serious endurance athletes. Today, however, they’re everywhere. There are sports drinks with electrolytes marketed for everything from a leisurely morning walk to a ten-hour Ironman triathlon. When do you really need a sports drink, and when can you get by...

Ankle Sprain Grades and How to Prevent Them

Ankle sprains: we’ve all been there. You’re playing a pick-up basketball game and going for a layup. You take off, tip the ball over the rim, and watch the ball sink through the net when all of a sudden—POP! You land awkwardly on someone else’s foot and feel a searing pain in your ankle. Chances are you just experienced a grade 1, 2 or at worst, grade 3 ankle sprain, and could be...

Nutrition for Athletes: Four Tips for Healthier Eating from Medical Research

If you’re looking for healthy eating tips, there’s no shortage of information out there.  In fact, there’s entirely too much! In order to find ways to improve your diet, you’re forced to wade through a deluge of superfoods and dietary fads that often contradict each other.  How can you sift apart the good advice from the flavor of the month? The best place to look for tips ...

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