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Best Stretches for Recreational Sports Athletes

No matter how old you are or how good of shape you think you are in, you will be doing your body a lot of good by stretching before a sporting event. Not only will a good pre-workout stretch help you perform to the best of your ability, but it will a...

Importance of Dynamic Stretching Exercises Before and After a Workout

The natural thing that most people do is stretch before starting a workout. But the average person’s definition of stretching is likely a lot different than what is recommended. While doing some toe touches and arm swings can stretch out some parts o...

Ankle Sprain Grades and How to Prevent Them

Ankle sprains: we’ve all been there. You’re playing a pick-up basketball game and going for a layup. You take off, tip the ball over the rim, and watch the ball sink through the net when all of a sudden—POP! You land awkwardly on someone ...

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