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The Top 10 Funny Dodgeball Team Names

The movie Dodgeball did not teach me much, but it did teach me one very important life lesson, your team is only as good as it’s name. If you want to win at dodgeball, you better have a kick ass name. (The movie also taught me If I could dodge a wren...

5 Reasons Dodgeball is the Greatest Sport on Earth

There are many sports that would claim to be the greatest this planet has to offer. Horse racing is known as “the sport of kings”. Baseball has a rich and glorious history so vivid that it is known as “America’s Pastime”...

Backyard Sports to Play this Summer – Dodgeball and Cornhole

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! That means that the outdoor activities are back after spending the last few months in hibernation. Spring and summer barbecues and parties are what make these the best seasons of the year. But gett...

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