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Beer & Recreational Sports: 5 Tips for Improving your Drinking Game

Beer & Sports go together like Mac & Cheese, always have and always will. If you’re like me, drinking beer before, during and/or after your weekly kickball/softball/flag football/(insert sport here) league is a major part of your enjoym...

A Winner’s Guide To Softball Gear

You can’t win softball games if you don’t have the basic skills. That said, you also can’t win softball games if you don’t have the right softball gear. Here is a good look at the softball gear you need, and what to look for in that gear. 1) Glove Th...

6 Easy Cost Cutting Tips For Travelling Sports Teams

Planning and executing a trip for a sports team is far from easy. As the travel secretary for my rugby club, my National Champion rugby club that is, I had to put together travel plans for 35 people to travel from Wichita, Kansas, to San Francisco, C...

How to Dominate Your Adult Softball League

The snow is melting, the weather is warming, and the local parks are starting to thaw. It’s almost time for slow pitch softball! Softball is one of the easiest sports to start but a tough one to dominate. Wondering how you can have more success this ...

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