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FlagSpin partners with Gamebreaker Flag Football Helmets to Promote Head Trauma Awareness for Football Concussions

Gamebreaker Flag Football Helmets - FlagSpin
FlagSpin partners with Gamebreaker Flag Football Helmets to Promote Head Trauma Awareness for Football Concussions

FlagSpin has been working closely with Gamebreaker Helmets over the last month to create a partnership that will promote head safety and concussion awareness in flag football.  Mostly focused in the youth, high school and collegiate world, flag football helmets have been growing in popularity as an added layer of protection for the many head related injuries that continue to rise as the sport grows.

Why You Need Flag Football Helmets

7on7 helmets have been rising in popularity quickly at the high school level for the same reason they should be at other levels – taking away the pads doesn’t take away the risk of injury.  In many cases, it can actually increase the chances of sustaining an injury at the point of collision.  The speed athletes play at these days, especially at the high school, collegiate and adult level, can lead to serious damage (cuts, broken bones, football concussion, etc) in the event of an accidental collision, especially when head to head or head to anything contact occurs, more damage than if you were wearing a traditional football helmet.  The Gamebreaker flag football helmets help protect against concussions and other head injuries those accidental collisions can cause, which I’ve seen many many times at the adult level.

What Age Level Should Wear Them

Gamebreaker’s flag football helmets are good for all age levels, from small youth through large adults, coming in multiple sizes and even a variety of colors with custom logos you can apply to each.  They’re Brain First Certified and approved for other organizations like the International Rugby Board and the only approved soft helmet for Women’s Lacrosse so you know they’re safe for all ages.

That being said, they’re far more popular in youth & high school right now than at the adult level, but we feel like it’s just a matter of time before the adult leagues and tournaments catch up to that. Just looking at what the NFL and NCAA are going through in terms of lawsuits, concussions and more in terms of head safety and awareness and you can see how important it is, especially when the players are flying around at higher speeds with more weight and momentum as is the case with adults.  Just because it’s a no contact league, doesn’t mean there isn’t occasionally accidental contact, and you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a life threatening or altering injury that could have been prevented.

Gamebreaker Offers the Latest Technology

Gamebreaker only recently made a huge announcement about their partnership with D30, a Smart materials company specializing in impact protection, shock absorption and footwear solutions. Together they’re working to integrate D30’s unique shock absorbing technology into a range of soft protective headgear, including flag football helmets, and a variety of other US team sports.

From their official D30 blog announcement, “D3O® technology will be integrated into the Gamebreaker protective headgear worn by athletes of all ages and genders in sports including women’s lacrosse and flag football (a non-contact version of American football). Currently the governing bodies of these sports do not mandate the wearing of protective headgear. The partnership between D3O® and Gamebreaker will mean that there will now be head protection available for a variety of US non-contact sports for which head protection is not currently mandated.”

How Can You Help?

FlagSpin will be working with Gamebreaker to specifically promote their line of flag football helmets at all levels in hopes of bringing more head injury awareness and concussion knowledge & prevention to the sport as it continues to grow! If you are an event organizer and want to inquire about special deals for outfitting your league with Gamebreaker’s flag football helmets, or a player looking to protect yourself or your team and want to make a purchase, check out the official GamebreakerHelmets.com website for more information!

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