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Gamebreaker & PrimeTime Sports promoting Youth Soccer Safety

Gamebreaker & PrimeTime Sports promoting Youth Soccer Safety

Soccer has long been one of the most popular sports in the world, and just like in other sports, contact and non-contact, head injuries in youth sports are on the rise. Last night, Gamebreaker partnered with PrimeTime Sports to put on a friendly youth soccer safety match with the nationally ranked Solar Chelsea Soccer Club to help demonstrate the benefits of Gamebreaker helmets for the sport.


“A friendly match between two high-profile girls club teams is a great way for us to first and foremost spotlight safety,” said Gamebreaker president Mike Juels. “We believe that our soft-shell helmets, which protect the entire head, are the best way to solve more of the problems causing head injuries in the women’s soccer game today.”

PrimeTime Sports is taking a proactive approach to protecting their youth soccer players. From Matthew Reese, “One solution to the problem is to change the very rules of the game that make soccer unique — to ban headers for athletes under a certain age. Headers, though, only make up a small portion of head-related injuries, according to a recent nine-year study by the University of Colorado. Another solution that preserves the integrity of the game is the use of soft-shell helmets.”

The U-14 Solar Chelsea ECNL girls club and U-14 Solar Chelsea Red girls club faced off in a full-throttle match, with each player sporting a Gamebreaker helmet. Both squads are ranked in the Top 50 nationally for the Under-14 Division.

“Considering all of the injuries that can be sustained playing soccer, head injuries are at the top of the list of concerns for operators and participants,” said PrimeTime COO Brandon Hollmann. “We’re excited to see where this takes PrimeTime Sports, and how we can improve safety across Texas and the U.S.”

Gamebreaker is determined to continue it’s strong support for youth soccer safety and other sports in the fight against head injures and trauma that can potentially cause severe long term damage!

Read more from PrimeTime Sports here.

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