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5 on 5 Flag Football Playbook & Strategy Guide E-Book

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44 Pages of 5on5 Flag Football Plays, Strategies, Offense & Defensive Breakdowns & More!

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44 Pages of 5 on 5 Flag Football Strategies, Plays, Offense & Defensive Breakdowns & More!

FlagSpin’s Ultimate Guide to Adult Flag Football 5 on 5 Edition E-Book is the most comprehensive and informative 5 on 5 flag football playbook available today. Instead of overloading you with 100’s of plays that you’ll only ever use a fraction of and leaving it to you to determine which works best, they’ve filtered them down to the top 16 plays that you can build an offense around.  FlagSpin will teach you how to actually run an offense, by taking the strategies, concepts and flag football plays we provide and learning how to tweak them to your teams strengths and weaknesses.


  • Flag Football Rules – A breakdown of the styles of play, variances and adult rules for 5on5 flag football
  • Flag Football Offense Strategies– A comprehensive breakdown and strategy guide for running an effective flag football offense.
  • Flag Football Routes – A complete flag football route tree with 22 different routes labeled, diagrammed and a description on how to run them correctly.
  • Flag Football Plays16 of the top 5on5 flag football plays that should be the foundation of any good offense.  Detailed descriptions on how and when to run them and alternative ways to switch them up for maximum effectiveness!
  • Flag Football Defense Strategies – The best 5 on 5 flag football playbook wouldn’t be complete without detailed diagrams and descriptions on the best defenses to run and how to run them!
  • Flag Football Playmaker Integration – Each 5on5 flag football playbook comes with a special Flag Football Playmaker import code for instantly importing the playbook directly to your iPhone or iPad app!  Take the plays with you on the road or to the field digitally!


The playbook will come in PDF form, with a download link sent in your confirmation email and available from your account page here on PLAYRS Club!


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5 on 5 Flag Football Playbook & Strategy Guide E-Book
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Killer guide and very good info! Helped my team immediately!

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