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ultimate frisbee

How To Play Ultimate: The Best Sport In The World

There’s a great cliché in ultimate which we all use to describe the sport. I’ll give you a variant now: “Ultimate is basically a mixture of netball and football, except you pass a disc instead of a ball. You pass between your team-mates and score by ...

Self-Refereeing: What Sets Ultimate and Its Players Apart?

We’ve all done it. Doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on the couch at home, standing in the 70,000-seater stadium or on pitch yourself during your Sunday league match; when the referee blows his whistle and you don’t agree with the call, you let him kn...

Ultimate: What Should You Call It

The Lowdown on Ultimate Frisbee the Game. One of the first hurdles to cross when becoming involved in this sport is the name. Some people will call it Ultimate, other Ultimate Frisbee, and even just Frisbee. The correct term is ultimate. There’s a pr...

Top Recreational Beach Sports to Play This Summer

Hot summer days mean more time will be spent near a body of water soaking up some rays. When you’re headed out to your nearest beach or lake, there’s nothing better than taking a group of friends with you and getting some games together. You can alwa...

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