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The Ultimate Golfing Guide of What to Wear

Golfing Guide What To Wear
The Ultimate Golfing Guide of What to Wear

Golf is just a fantastic sport in all aspects. It’s the perfect spring day activity. It’s peaceful, strategic, fun, frustratingly difficult, and very consuming. In the first 17 holes, you are having a blast and time has crept away from you. When you reach hole 18, you suddenly are wishing you were back at hole 15 so you could keep playing just a bit longer.

Everybody wishes they could be better at golf. Even pre disaster Tiger Woods probably wished he was better. It’s that kind of sport. Where if you aren’t perfect on every shot, you’re wishing you had done something differently. Every pro will tell you the same few things in order to approve. Practice makes perfect, line up your shot, know your clubs, don’t get frustrated, and hit the driving range. While all of those tips are good and legitimate, they won’t allow you to see instant improvement. My tip? Well it will show you some instant success. Damn you are lucky to have me.

The better you look, the better you play, the better you are. It’s as simple as that and it will always be as simple as that. The better you look means the more swagger you have. The more swagger you have, the better you play. It’s a never ending train and it will always hold steady. So, back to golf. Want to quickly improve your golf game? Here’s the ultimate golfing guide of what to wear.

Collard Shirts Are A Must

This should kind of be a given, but i’ll include it anyway only because I went golfing last summer with a kid who wore a t-shirt. I didn’t really expect anything less from him, but I was still shocked. You can’t even get onto most golf courses without wearing a collard shirt, but no matter what you should be wearing one.

Jumpsuits Are An Absolute No


I love Rickie Fowler. He’s a true dude’s dude. Unfortunately, I greatly dislike the all one color look. I never thought there was something that could be too flashy, but the all orange is too flashy. There’s a reason Fowler hasn’t won a master’s yet, and that may just be it. I love the guy, but too flashy for me and all of you.

Plaid Pants?



To be honest, originally I was against the idea. As I dug further, I really started to like the plaid pants. In fact I actually went out (Amazon) to buy a pair. If you get the right pair that works for you, they can be incredibly stylish and ooze of swagger. However, you do need to pick the right pair that matches your collard shirt in order to not look like a total and clueless buffoon. See above for reference.




I’m not too sure what this guy is wearing, but I’ll keep it short. Absolutely not.

Hats Are a Yes



This is what you are going for. I give Rory Mcllroy a 110%. He nails it just like he nails ever put he attempts. The shirt/vest combo is unparalleled and it matches with the pants. Hat’s may not be the most important part of the outfit, but they certainly work to make it perfect. McIIroy’s hat game is beautiful.

You are welcome. Not only did I just show you how to look good while playing golf, I subconsciously improved your golfing game.

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Jack Stevenson is a 16 year old sports writer from Connecticut. As a highschool student, sports writing is only a hobby. Along with contributing to The Playrs Club, Jack and a few of his friends created the so far unsuccessful site cafeteriasports.com. His claim to fame is his twitter game, and you can find him on all social media @jcs1757. Jack is an avid sports fan of all kinds and plays both varsity football and baseball. He hopes to be a sports writer full time one day.

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