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USFTL Nationals Sets New Record for Teams Registered

USFTL Nationals Sets New Record for Teams Registered
USFTL Nationals Sets New Record for Teams Registered

The USFTL Nationals tournament event is one week away and this year already there is a record-breaking number of teams registered! The 2014 USFTL Nationals had 363 teams and this year’s 2015 USFTL Nationals will have 413 teams!!! That’s a 50 team increase! Teams are coming from all over the United States, including Alaska, along with teams from Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Cayman Islands, to participate in next weekend’s grand finale of Flag Football!! Brackets will be released at the Thursday night meeting. But here are the numbers for all 31 brackets:

9-Man Ineligible A-Flag: 14 Teams
9-Man Ineligible B-Flag: 13 Teams
8-Man Eligible A-Flag: 15 Teams
8-Man Eligible B-Flag: 19 Teams
8-Man Eligible C-Flag: 28 Teams
8-Man Eligible D-Flag: 33 Teams
8-Man 35&Over Flag: 7 Teams
Women’s 8-Man A-Flag: 19 Teams
Women’s 8-Man B-Flag: 9 Teams
7-Man Screen A-Flag: 13 Teams
7-Man Screen B-Flag: 29 Teams
7-Man 35&Over Flag: 4 Teams
Women’s 7-Man Screen Flag: 12 Teams
Co-Ed A-Flag: 18 Teams
Co-Ed B-Flag: 9 Teams
4on4 Non-Contact A-Flag: 14 Teams
4on4 Non-Contact B-Flag: 12 Teams
4on4 Non-Contact C-Flag: 18 Teams
4on4 Non-Contact D-Flag: 19 Teams
4on4 Non-Contact 35&Over: 12 Teams
5on5 Non-Contact A-Flag: 8 Teams
5on5 Non-Contact B-Flag: 14 Teams
5on5 Contact A-Flag: 11 Teams
5on5 Contact B-Flag: 7 Teams
5on5 Contact C-Flag: 15 Teams
5on5 Contact 35&Over: 5 Teams
Youth 5-6: 4 Teams
Youth 7-8: 7 Teams
Youth 9-10: 7 Teams
Youth 11-12: 11 Teams
Youth 13-14: 7 Teams


Games start next Friday morning the 15th and go through Sunday evening the 18th, be sure and follow the us and the FFWCT on social media to stay up to date with highlights, news and results!

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